Do Your Eyeglass Frames Have An Unsightly White Discoloration? Here Are 3 Ways You Can Get Rid Of It


When your eyeglass frames develop a highly visible white discoloration, you don't have to stop wearing them — you can simply clean them in order to make them look like new. The white discoloration is caused by the plastic reacting chemically with oxygen in the air, and most eyeglass frames will slowly develop it over time. Thankfully, it's typically easy to remove the discoloration, and removing it instead of buying new frames will save you some money.

27 April 2021

How To Select The Right Glasses For Your Face


Do you need a pair of glasses? Maybe it's your first pair and you are feeling a bit apprehensive about the type of glasses that you should choose. Choosing the right glasses becomes easier when you know what you should be looking for. Here are some tips that will help you. The Shape of Your Face is Important The number one secret to selecting the right pair of glasses is determining the shape of your face.

28 April 2020

Near, Far, Wherever You Are, Can't See Anything? What To Expect With Anisometropia And How An Eye Doctor Can Help You


Although most people have unequal refractive or seeing power in their eyes, when there's a significant difference between the strength of vision in each eye, it's called anisometropia. This condition is usually present at birth, although it doesn't always reveal itself until later in life. When it does, you're not likely to be able to see clearly whether you're near, far, or wherever you are, but you're going to want answers (and help) right away.

17 July 2019

Which Glasses Look Best On Your Face Shape?


Looking for new eyeglasses that fit your face and look great on you can be a bit of difficult task for some. What looks good on one person may not look as good on another. This is because your face shape may not be the same as the other persons. Your face shape and other features on your face make you unique, and your glasses should be unique to you as well.

24 July 2018

3 Tips To Maintain And Even Improve Your Eyesight


If you've noticed your prescription at the eye doctor increasing in strength year after year, you may be wondering if your eyesight is going to continue to degrade for the rest of your life. While age will eventually take a toll on everyone, there are some things you can do to help your body maintain its current vision, and possibly even improve your eyesight in the long run. Here are three easy tips that might pay dividends for your eyesight if you follow them every day.

6 March 2018

How Having Cataracts Can Improve Your Astigmatism


Almost everyone in their elder years will develop cataracts, but it can still come as an unpleasant surprise to learn that you have them. Thankfully, cataract surgery is very safe and effective at repairing the problem. As a bonus, if you've had astigmatism for all your life, the repair process for cataracts could actually benefit your vision and make it better than ever. This guide will describe how astigmatism and cataracts tie together and how the cataract surgery can potentially improve your astigmatism.

18 December 2017

Three Tips For Managing Eye Strain


Eye problems and discomfort can be extremely disruptive problems to experience. Unfortunately, eye strain can be a common problem for those that spend much of their time on a computer. While eye strain is fairly common, it is also a condition that people will overlook or assume is unimportant, but learn a few care tips can help you to minimize these issues. Know The Warning Signs Of Eye Strain When eye strain first starts to develop, you may be able to stop its progress or greatly slow it by taking a break away from the computer.

10 August 2017