Need New Eyewear? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Designer Eyewear


If you need new eyewear, you could get this at any eye doctor's office. You would find a variety of options there. There is also another option you have, which is choosing designer eyewear. There are many benefits of choosing this, three of which are listed below. 

They Are Unique

Designer eyewear has a famous logo or a name on the tag but there is much more to this type of eyewear than that. With designer eyewear, your glasses can be unique, and you may be the only person wearing these glasses. 

You can find designer eyewear from a variety of designers. You will find they come in a variety of colors that you may not find in your eye doctor's office. Some colors have designs in them with swirls of different colors to make the eyeglasses even more unique. You will find frames in different thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and much more. This will allow you to fit glasses that go well with your style whether you are someone that is outgoing and wants to really stand out or someone that is more subdued. 

Made Better

Designer eyewear is known to be more durable than the eyewear you purchase in a doctor's office. The materials used for design eyewear are industry grade which not only means they are good quality, but these glasses will last much longer for you. 

The lenses are resistant to scratches and impacts so you will not have to worry about your glasses breaking easily even if you have a very active day. In most cases, if something does happen with your glasses, such as if they break, the company you purchase them from will replace your glasses for you sometimes at no cost. 

Offers UV Protection

One thing to be concerned with is how the sun can damage your eyes. You may find eyewear that you purchase does not have the right amount of UV light protection. This is especially true if you purchase sunglasses on your own at a store. These sunglasses are generally not durable but also do not have UV protection. Designer sunglasses will have the right amount of UV protection to protect your eyes while you are outside. 

When purchasing designer eyewear sunglasses, make sure the UV protection is at least UV400. This means the glasses will block up to 100 percent of both UVB and UVA rays from your eyes. This way you can spend all day out in the sun and won't have to worry about your eyes getting damaged. 

Look for designer eyewear in stores in your area or you can find them online. For more information, contact a company like SouthPark Optical Center.


21 September 2022

protecting your vision as you age

How do you know when you need to get glasses for reading? As we get older, our eyes don't work as well as they once did. I squinted and adjusted my newspaper to make up for my failing eyesight but it wasn't enough after a while. I have talked with my eye doctor about the signs of failing eye sight and what can be done to put it off a bit. Between what my eye doctor has taught me and what I have read in books and online, I have gathered quite a bit of information about protecting your vision and seeing clearly long into your older years.