3 Tips To Maintain And Even Improve Your Eyesight


If you've noticed your prescription at the eye doctor increasing in strength year after year, you may be wondering if your eyesight is going to continue to degrade for the rest of your life. While age will eventually take a toll on everyone, there are some things you can do to help your body maintain its current vision, and possibly even improve your eyesight in the long run. Here are three easy tips that might pay dividends for your eyesight if you follow them every day.

Change Your Diet

Potato chips and beer are not a great recipe for maintaining or improving your eyesight. Your eyes thrive on vitamins like A, C and E, as well as minerals like zinc. Other dietary considerations that can help include antioxidants like lutein, and a fatty acid known as DHA. Carrots, dark greens, blueberries, salmon, cod and other fish, egg yolks, pumpkin, and even garlic are all foods known to include at least one or more of the previously mentioned vitamins and minerals. For more information about a healthy diet, reach out to your eye doctor.

Close Your Eyes

Yes, that's right: sometimes the best way to refresh your vision is not to use it at all. If you find yourself staring at a computer or phone screen all day, you could be straining your eyes and hurting your vision in the process. Get into the habit of taking 3 to 5 minutes every few hours to just sit back and close your eyes. This will give your eyes a chance to rest and receive some natural lubrication. Just be sure not to doze off at work!

Start an Eye Exercise Routine

Again, staring off into the distance at the same screen all day can have negative side effects. You need to give your eyes a bit more stimulation if you want to improve your vision over time. Once or twice per day, get into the habit of rolling your eyes in a full clockwise circle, and then go counterclockwise. You can also try changing your focus by taking a pen or pencil and holding far away from your head and then moving it closer, which will force your eyes to adjust. Slowly massaging near the temples or directly below the eyes can also help.

If you are currently searching for how to improve your eyesight, start by taking a close look at your diet, being sure to add more foods high in vitamins, A, D and E. Start exercising and then resting your eyes on a daily basis, try to stop staring so much at bright screens, and you are sure to see some improvement in the long run. For more tips, reach out to an optician today.


6 March 2018

protecting your vision as you age

How do you know when you need to get glasses for reading? As we get older, our eyes don't work as well as they once did. I squinted and adjusted my newspaper to make up for my failing eyesight but it wasn't enough after a while. I have talked with my eye doctor about the signs of failing eye sight and what can be done to put it off a bit. Between what my eye doctor has taught me and what I have read in books and online, I have gathered quite a bit of information about protecting your vision and seeing clearly long into your older years.